Vehicle-to-Grid technology will put energy management back
in the hands of the people by turning their Nissan electric vehicles into
mobile energy hubs.

Using the innovative Vehicle-to-Grid technology developed in
partnership with ENEL, drivers can store electricity in their vehicle’s battery
and return it back to the grid when needed.

Imagine the home of the future…

In the daytime, you can use renewable energy to power your
home or office and charge your electric vehicle.

When solar power cannot be produced and energy is in high
demand, your Nissan electric vehicle can give power back to the grid. In
return, you will qualify for subsidies from your provider as a reward for helping
support infrastructure during peak times.

During off-peak times at night, lower cost energy can be
drawn from the grid to recharge your car whilst little energy is needed in your

With Vehicle-to-Grid technology comes…

Cleaner power

Lower energy costs

Greater stability

Nissan – powering a more sustainable future